Friday, May 17, 2013

Pursuit Flies - Ghost Pimpy Shrimpy

Have I mentioned before that I dig Instagram?  This photo posted by Pursuit Flies of their Ghost Pimpy Shrimpy pattern is another good reason why.  What a cool step by step tutorial, all in one image, on how to tie this pattern that will certainly find it's way into my redfish box.

If you want to tie a few yourself here's how...

STEP ONE - Tie on small lead eyes toward the front of the hook and make sure to leave room for deer hair between the eye of the hook.

STEP TWO - Tie a loop of 20 lb mono off the back of the hook so that the tail won't foul.

STEP THREE - Add a clump of  tan craft fur for the tail and Barr the tail with a brown sharpie or other marker.

STEP FOUR - Then, tie in and wrap pink ice chenille halfway to the lead eyes.

STEP FIVE - Take two strands of sili legs and tie them in on top of the chenille, doubling them over so that there are four legs hanging off the back.

STEP SIX - From then on, spin white deer up towards the eye of the hook.

STEP SEVEN - Trim the head down leaving a little collar and you are ready to fish!

Check out the Pursuit Flies website to purchase this fly or others and follow along on Facebook and Instagram as well.

1 comment:

Mat Trevors said...

What a great little shrimp pattern. I'm totally on the craft fur + sharpie(or copic) barring bandwagon, too.