Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reel Simple Fly Fishing's Bleenie

This week's Year of the Bluegill fly tying tutorial comes from Glenn and Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten, of Reel Simple Fly Fishing, who authored the book Ten Flies Simple Ties and they are sharing the Bleenie pattern which is their take on the blood weenie.

Nymph Hook - 2x Heavy/2x Long;
Hook Sizes - 12-16
Thread - 6/0 Red Tying Thread
Body - One Strand of Red Yarn

STEP ONE:  Wind a thread base towards the bend of the hook.

STEP TWO: After unplying the yarn for a custom body size, tie a tail on the hook shank just before the bend of the hook (using three or four wraps) and wrap the thread forward toward the hook eye.

STEP THREE: Wind the yarn forward to just behind the hook eye, without crowding the hook eye.

STEP FOUR: Wind the thread over the yarn ending behind the hook eye with three or four additional wraps and cut the excess yarn.

STEP FIVE: Complete with a few half hitches (three or four). Apply glue behind hook eye at the thread head for a solid knot hold.

This is a good all-around nymph pattern. It is most often tied in size 16 in the blood red.  Instead of using chenille, where its size is predetermined, yarn allows for unplying to adjust the body size as well as providing for a more “buggy” look.

Feel free to adjust the body color depending on what works best in different areas.  This is a great fly to catch panfish, as well a trout and the use the 2x heavy nymph hook allows for a slow descent.  Experiment with hook length and weight.  This fly in still water should be fished slow with a few strips and stop to let it drop and then strip some more.  In rivers, cast out and dead drift it along with the current.  For a quicker descent, consider adding wire to the hook before tying the fly.

For more information check out the Real Simple Fly Fishing website.  Ten Flies Simple Ties can be purchased in soft cover and is also available for Nook and Kindle as well.

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