Saturday, June 22, 2013

BadAxe Design - WSC Benefit Artwork

I've been meaning to make mention of a series of prints that Jonathan Marquardt, of BadAxe Design, completed a few months back to benefit the Wild Steelhead Coalition.  These prints are all extraordinary but "The Return" is an image I could stare at for hours.

These are the largest pieces that Jonathan has ever done and these are each a "limited edition" run of only five prints each.

Jonathan wrote...  "Each of these pieces are available on the BadAxe Design website.  There are four remaining of each print and they are in a very limited run of five prints each.  These prints measure 18x18" for image size and have a four inch border.  Each is printed by hand with oil based ink.

The background on these pieces is that I was contacted by Brian Bennett about donating some custom steelhead pieces to the Wild Steelhead Coalition show out in Washington.  We decided that a three piece series would be really cool, with all three pieces dedicated to steelhead.  

"The Return" shows two fish returning to previously dammed waters under a starry night sky.  "Blue Steel" is a closeup print of a steelhead with greater detail on the fish being the emphasis.  "Milwaukee Steel" is a cityscape of fish passing by on their way to inland rivers for spawning.  It is a neat aspect of their existence being so close to a metro area like Milwaukee." 

If you have been looking for a unique way to support the Wild Steelhead Coalition than this may be something to consider.

For more information about these prints or Jonathan's other offerings please visit the BadAxe  Designs website.

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Woodblock prints and Trout! Just fantastic.