Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rep Your Water + Bluegill = Fun

As things were gaining momentum with the whole idea of the Year of the Bluegill, I figured I'd reach out to Rep Your Water to see if they would like to collaborate together.  The idea of something bluegill related was already on their short list of things to do this year and after a mess of emails back and forth they moved some things around, worked out a design, and as of yesterday added the Bluegill design to their ever expanding line up.

The Rep Your Water Bluegill design is being offered as both a gray/white trucker style hat and a patch as well for those that would like to affix on a different cap, gear bag, or vest.

Each Bluegill hat or patch order will also include a Rep Your Water decal along with T.F.M. logo and #yearofthebluegill decals.

Check out the Rep Your Water website to place your order.

1 comment:

Kevin Frank said...

Dang, that's just cool. It's not like I don't have enough hats but I might just have to get that one.