Friday, June 21, 2013

Revive - Issue 1.0

The good folks at Revive Fly Fishing made a decision a few months ago to start their own quarterly online magazine and recently released their first issue that is certainly worth a flip through over coffee on your Friday morning.

This first issue covers all the bases from redfish to carp to trout to stripers to bass to bonefish and a whole lot else mixed in makes for 82 pages of online goodness.

Oh yeah...and it views nicely on the iPad mini which seems to be my final test for online magazines as of late, though I wish I could save this issue in iBooks somehow for future reading when without internet access. 



spike said...

Wow. I am sold.

Kym said...

Hey Cameron, you can download it as a pdf from the page you have linked to. (have a look for the download arrow beside the 'share with friends' email icon). then upload the pdf to your ipad and it will be there to read in ibooks.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Kym...thanks for the heads up.