Monday, July 8, 2013

Back On Beaver Island

After a day of road miles to get up north and then a short jumper flight over I am back on Beaver Island for the T.F.M. hosted trip

We all are settled in at the Fisherman's House and enjoyed last evening with a couple brews, casting fly rods in the yard, and then a tasty pizza dinner in town.  The Third Coast Fly guys don't quite get what's up with the five of us glass geeks so we'll see how it goes in the boats this week. 

We are minus one for the trip since our friend Derrol was held up in SFO due to the plane crash and his plans were sunk for coming on this trip.  Next year...

This morning everyone is busying around readying gear and after breakfast at the bakery we'll jump in the boats.  It's raining steadily now but hopefully it will pass in a little bit.  It's supposed to. 

Continued dispatches this week from Beaver Island as long as my internet signal holds.  As of right now it's somewhat iffy.

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ratfacedmcdougal said...

It's time that Third Coast guys get enlightened. Show them the light right off. Have them try your favorite rod and then sit back and watch the lights come on.