Thursday, August 22, 2013

Castapalooza/Streamer Freak Sunday

Schultz Outfitters, along with a long list of instructors and sponsors, have put together an upcoming event that looks well worth your time to attend if you are anywhere near southeast Michigan.  Check out the details listed below.


Demos & Other Free Stuff
Held on the river at Riverside Park.
11:00 - Mark Sedotti - "Single Hand Fundamentals"
1:30 - Will Turek - "Spey Casting Fundamentals"
2:00 - Jeff Liskay - "Casting Sink Tips"
3:00 - Tommy Lynch - “Fishing Sink Tips & Streamers”
4:30 - Mark Sedotti - "Casting Large Flies w Ease"

In The Tech Tent
11:30 - Greg Senyo - "Spey Rod Rigging for Steelhead"
12:30 - Jerry Darkes - "Fall Product Highlights"
 2:30 - Mike Schultz - "Indi Rigging for Trout & Steel"
 4:00 - Tommy Lynch - "Fall Trout Streamer Rigging"

Join Jerry Darkes from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for a book signing of his just released “Fly Fishing the Inland Oceans”.


Tying Demos
Held at Schultz Outfitters Fly Shop
11:00 - Tommy Lynch - "Enhancing w Clear Cure"
12:00 - Alex Lafkas - "Great Lakes Deceiver"
1:00 - Greg Senyo - "Shanked Steelhead Flies"
2:00 - Mark Sedotti - "Keeled & Feathered"
3:00 - Mike Schmidt - "Lip Service"
4:00 - Mike Schultz - "Heavy Metal Smallmouth"
5:00 - Eli Berant - "Musky Meat"

All Day Hareline Tent - Featuring "free style" demos of great new products from Hareline

Small Group Tying Workshops ($50)
Three hour "Concept Classes" with some of the best fly designers and anglers in the game.  Purpose-driven courses designed to get more out of your fly design. Materials included.  Previous tying experience required. Held at Sidetracks.

10:00 - Mark Sedotti - "Action with Strategic Weighting"
10:00 - Mike Schmidt - "Articulation the RIGHT Way"
2:00 - Tommy Lynch - "The D & D Revolution"
2:00 - Alex Lafkas - "Buckin' Baitfish"

To register for any of the classes or workshops, please call the shop directly at 734-544-1761.  Payment in full is required to reserve your spot as these will fill quickly.

There is no doubt that I miss living in Michigan and especially when events like this come up that I wish that I could make.  It looks to be a great time.

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