Saturday, August 3, 2013

Featherlight Fly Rods Back In Stock

Two dozen Eagle Claw Featherlight fly rods arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon and this is a heads up the 6'6" 4/5 weight and 7' 5/6 weight models are now both back in stock again with the 8' 5/6 weight model on order and soon to arrive.

I've said it before but there absolutely no better bang for your buck than the Featherlight and who can resist a gaudy yellow fly rod, with gold mylar wraps, and a ruler inked down the blank?  I can't.

Lately I've been receiving quite a few emails asking about a first glass fly rod, or something affordable, and really your search could start and end here.  These fly rods cast better than you would ever expect that they would and they are just fun in all respects.

The Eagle Claw Featherlight fly rods are priced at $45 shipped in the U.S.  I can figure international shipping but I'll warn you that it can get kind of expensive.

Check out the T.F.M. Store page for more information and send an email to with questions or to place an order.

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The Sasquatch said...

Let me just say this too. Cameron said this rod is the best bang for the buck. It is far more bang for the buck. I'm into classic glass rods, and while I love my Fenwicks, etc. I use this rod on 99% of my small stream outings (which is a lot, since 90% of my fishing is small stream fishing). I simply love the rod. It casts well, it can shoot some serious line, especially for its size (I fish w/ the 6'6"), and I can get into some tight spots because of its length. Yeah you gotta keep up w/ maintenance every now and again-I just had to reattach my reel seat recently-but for the cost, you can afford some routine repairs. I simply love this rod!