Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Proper Way To Wear A Sling Pack

Shawn Combs of Orvis takes a minute to verse everyone on the correct, and also the incorrect ways, of wearing the Guide Sling Pack in this video from Midcurrent.  Humor ensues...

Last fall I was out in Montana for a few days and posted a photograph from a fun afternoon fly fishing game on Willow Creek.  After the photo was posted on Instagram, Shawn was quick to send me a message letting me know that I was wearing the Guide Sling Pack all wrong. 

It didn't seem like a big deal then, but after watching this video I can see the advantages of wearing the pack over the other shoulder. 

I get it...but at least I didn't try to wear it as a fanny pack...


ratfacedmcdougal said...

What about us Lefties?

Luke said...

Haha, I have got to comment on the sling video!

I have been using the Orvis Guide Sling Pack since this past spring, and it was natural to me as I've ridden my bike with a messenger bag for years and years.

When I was looking at the sling packs on the Orvis website, however, the model is clearly wearing it [the safe passage sling pack] upside down (over the wrong shoulder)!

I actually even wrote Orvis and mentioned it thinking it may add confusion for some people, and I got a return email saying "I believe he was wearing it the way he wanted, which was opposite but to show that even though the pack was designed one way, one didn't have to wear that way."

So anyhow, thanks for throwing up this vid, Cameron. Brought a smile to my face this morning!