Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flash Flood Tide

Friday I had the opportunity to blow off work and run down to Beaufort to meet up with Dan Frasier of CarpPro and John Holbrook of Bay Street Outfitters for a flood tide session.  John walked us into a couple of large flats, that were dry when we arrived, with waves of fiddler crabs scurrying in groups here and there.  Within minutes the flat was washed and rising with the incoming tide and we ended up getting quite a bit more water than what was expected.

The exciting part about walking hard flats for redfish is seeing them move and tail in the spartina grass.  This flood tide came on so fast and so high that is really shortened the window when we could see feeding redfish before water was hip deep.

Fortunately Dan was able to find one redfish that devoured his fly before racing off across the mud flat and taking him into his backing.  It was really neat to see and when Dan raised all thirty inches of that redfish from the water, it was pretty damn impressive.   

A quick gear note to mention that Graywolf Rods sent down the Signature S-Glass 8'6" four piece eight weight to use for this and a couple upcoming redfish trips and I am beyond impressed.  The Signature S-Glass eight weight is lightweight in hand, responsive, and laid out long casts with ease.  I am going to end up ordering one of these before it's all said and done. 

Thanks again to Dan and John for the invite down.  Dan and I have been trying to meet up to fish for some time now and it was really great to have John to show us around to a couple of his favorite places and even share "secret" flies from his fly box.   

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