Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Orvis C.F.O. Fly Reel For 2014

I guess I've been fly fishing now for over twenty years and as I was just starting to figure things out I would visit my local Orvis store to look over gear, cast fly rods, and pick up a few flies.  The Orvis C.F.O. was a fly reel that I was at awe with and would carefully handle one on each visit. I wanted one since it had tradition written all over it but was far beyond the means of a kid in high school. That didn't mean that I stopped thinking about one.

This spring while in New York I spent a couple days Shawn Combs of Orvis and we fished prototypes of the new C.F.O. fly reel. In short, these fly reels are sweet and the fact that they are Made in the U.S.A. makes them all that much sweeter.

(Click Image To View Larger)

The Orvis C.F.O. is slated to be available in January 2014. Check out the above image which is from the Orvis press kit for more information on these fly reels. I'm going to have to break a piggy bank and score a C.F.O. III next year.


Chris said...

Heard from an Orvis Rep (speaking "unofficially") that Abel is making these? Is that true? I thought that with the acquisition of Ross they would be made there.

I just picked up one of the DD CFO IIs for my 2wt. Guess I should have held out. Good thing I got it cheap!

shotgunfly said...

Yep. I've been hearing that it's gonna be Abel making them over on the forums. That'd be nice.

shotgunfly said...

I was in Madison WI a month ago and the fly gear rep their said yeah it was gonna be Abel.

Brian Shaffer said...

This is a great thing for our US economy to be making them " in house " rather then getting them from overseas. Kudo's to Orvis!