Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Fly - Brook Trout Heaven

This past weekend a friend of mine tipped me off on a new blog called The Fly and I contacted Tommy Greene to see if he'd mind if I shared some of his photos and latest video.

It's images like these that serve as a reminder why I miss northern Michigan so damn much.

Add The Fly to your online reading list for more goodness.


gfen said...

pictures of snow should remind you why you shouldn't miss michigan so much.

ratfacedmcdougal said...

I cut my teeth on very small brook trout streams. I still get that same excitement out of it. Big trout are fun but I still love to get out in the willywacks and catch 6-8" native brookies. Fly box, bug dope and tippet in the pocket and a 6 1/2' rod.
Waders? Sneakers!

Cameron Mortenson said...

gfen...I get that but it's also weird for it to be fall here in S.C. and still in the 80's. I was some crisp in the air.

RFMcD...I totally agree. I cut my teeth fly fishing that way too. I don't think I caught anything larger than six inches long for a couple years fly fishing in northern Michigan.