Friday, November 29, 2013

First Look - Barclay Glass

 There are many aspects of writing this website that I genuinely enjoy, but seeing small shop custom fly rod builders have ideas, create, collaborate, and then then put it all together in a final product is a very cool process to watch from the outside looking in.   

Chris Barclay of C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. announced this week the first fly rod in his Barclay Glass line up with a three piece 7'2" three weight.  The workmanship is top grade and every aspect of this build compliments itself.  I am impressed and can't wait to cast one.

Chris wrote...  "For some time I have been working on developing my own line of fiberglass fly rods.  I am pleased to announce that the first of the Barclay Glass line is ready to go!

These rods are very much in line with my personal philosophy of fly fishing.  I love fly fishing because it is simple, true and beautiful.  I started rod building to enhance my own enjoyment of fly fishing.  I build fly rods that are simple and classic with attention to small details that bring out the true beauty of every material used.   My mission is to share this love for the simplicity and beauty of fly fishing with all of you.

This first model of the Barclay Glass line is a 7'2" 3 weight 3 piece fiberglass rod made of the highest quality Uni-Directional fiberglass.  I chose a deep, translucent 'brown ale' color for the Barclay Glass rods to reflect the smooth sweetness they embody.  I designed these rods in conjunction with a high quality, well respected Japanese blank maker.

These rods are... Smoothly progressive.  Responsive.  Stable.  Sensitive.  Sweet."

This builds feature the following fittings...

Snake Brand light wire Universal Guides with ECOating
Classic Mildrum Carbide Stripping Guides
Custom designed brass reel seat hardware made by Masatoshi Okui of KINEYA Reels
Flor Grade Portuguese cork grips and seats
Japanese silk wrappings in a deep brick red
Marine grade spar finish
Milled aluminum tube with domed brass ends
Custom designed and made muslin rod sock

Also know that I will soon be adding one of these fly rods to the T.F.M. Fly Rod Loan Program.  Send an email if you'd like to get on the list to demo this fly rod.

Check out the C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. website and Facebook page for more information. 


Anonymous said...

"Brown ale" blanks! I can totally appreciate that! They look great. I might have to get on the list for a loan, but I'd be much more interested in a 4wt.

Chris Barclay said...

Joefriday, I'll be doing a 4 & 5 wt soon!

Smithhammer said...

Wow - those are absolutely stunning.