Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gear Envy - Victor Axe + Tool

I swear I've found more cool people, companies, and art of all sorts on Instagram and Victor Axe + Tool near tops the list of my latest gear envy and obsessions.

Victor Axe + Tool is a small shop operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan which was started by Victor Sultana in 2011 with a focus on building artisan tools and other fine pieces of gear which will last for decades.   

The Brimley 24" Hudson Bay Axe is on my Christmas short list as the size looks to be perfect for work around our property and also to take along on camping trips as well.  Not to much and not to little.  The do all axe. 

Check out the Victor Axe + Tool website to check out the excellent offerings.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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