Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leiderman Rods - Kabuto Rods 7033

I think you would really be surprised at how many fly rods your favorite custom fly rod builder actually has in his own collection.  It seems all the builders that I talk to might have just a couple in rod tubes in the corner, and always intend on keeping more, but those fly rods usually end up sold in the end.

It's good to see Matt Leiderman of Leiderman Rods treat himself with this stunning Kabuto Rods 7033 build.  Matt's metal work is always impressive and his finish work flawless.

Matt wrote...  "Another fun rod that sat in various states of completion for probably six or eight months... again.  I finally finished this one up to add to my collection and it's my only Kabuto if you can believe it.  

I have a fondness for dainty seats and short grips on rods like this and intermediates never hurt either. My collection of three weights is growing.  I need to revisit my short/light rod phase of my youth because I can only imagine how fun these are to fish with..."

Check out the Leiderman Rods website for more information and follow along on the Facebook page as well since Matt is keeping that up to date with his latest build photos and shop information.

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