Thursday, November 28, 2013

Patagonia - Worn Wear

This film, which was released earlier this week, is a part of Patagonia's latest project called Worn Wear, which looks at the clothes and gear that we already have and celebrates their stories.

I can think of several pieces of gear that I've had for years, long over a decade even, that work as well today as it did when I first bought them.  Several of these pieces go on just about every road trip, hike, plane ride, and fly fishing excursion, and have become a valued and relied upon essential.  Not surprisingly, several of this pieces are indeed made by Patagonia.

Check out the Worn Wear website for more information about this program and take a look at the do it yourself instructional videos on the iFixit to mend your Patagonia products when they need a fix from time to time.

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