Tuesday, November 12, 2013

William A. Harms Custom Glass Rods

Noted bamboo fly rod builder Bill Harms has collaborated with Mike McFarland to offer a series of four custom fiberglass fly rods which will be offered in four and five weight and in lengths from 6'6" to 8'6".

I am working a Q&A for a future T.F.M. post but in the meantime I did want to share a few photographs that Bill Harms sent to me last week along with some background on this series as well.  

From The Classic Fly Fisherman website...

"I am proud to offer a new series of fiberglass fly rods for the fisherman who loves the action of bamboo. These glass rods are light, but cast with the smooth feel of a great cane rod.  They flex deeply and have very fine tips - no pushing and pumping as with graphite.  You'll feel the rod load even at short distances and they shoot a ton of line when you want to reach out.  Great for small and medium sized streams where back casts may be restricted.

The blanks were designed and rolled for me by Mike McFarland right here in Pennsylvania.  Mike's reputation in custom glass rods is second to none, and his willingness to design special projects is unique.  I receive the blanks ferrules, but rough and without a finish.   Using my own dye and varnish system, I create a translucent effect that highlights the glass weave.  The rods are set off with an agate stripping guide, black snake guides and translucent silks wraps and tipping.

The rods are dyed a rich butterscotch color. The final coat of this finish is tough and heavily fortified with UV absorbers and filters, thus protecting against epoxy and color degradation.  The grips are all turned in a cigar shape, and are accompanied by reel seat spacers of olive wood.  The four weight rods use dual, blackened sliding bands, while the five weight rods use a blackened butt cap and ring.  Each rod is accompanied by a twill, cotton bag and aluminum tube with domed, brass ends."

6'6" Four Weight - 2.0 Ounces - Three Piece Rod - $750
7'2" Four Weight - 2.3 Ounces - Three Piece Rod - $750
7'8" Five Weight - 2.8 Ounces - Three Piece Rod - $750
8'6" Five Weight - 3.6 Ounces - Four Piece Rod - $795

For more information on this series of fiberglass fly rods please visit the William A. Harms Custom Rod & Gun website as well as The Classic Fly Fisherman.

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Swamp Yankee said...

I just saw those same rods this weekend at a Catskill FF museum event in Danbury, Ct, really really nice looking in person, I was very tempted.