Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fly Fishing Essentials For Your iPad

Christmas may mean a new iPad, big or small, for some T.F.M. readers and I thought I'd pass along a few favorite magazines, movies, books, and other apps worth downloading on your new device.

Burn that iTunes card you found in your stocking and eat up some gigabytes with these suggestions.

This quarterly magazine is high art and well worth collecting each issue in print or carry along the whole stack from The Flyfish Journal app.  Navigation within the app is seamless and it's a beautiful viewing experience with stellar articles and photography.

Check out iTunes to subscribe yearly or to buy single digital issues.

This is easily one of my most favorite fly fishing films.  So well done on every level and one that you'll watch again and again.

Rent or download in iTunes.  You'll be wasting your money to just rent.  Download. 

The Pulp Fly crew now have three volumes of short stories available as a digital books and include the work of some of the brightest writers on the scene right now.

Download all three volumes of Pulp Fly and look for a Mouthful of Feathers to be available in iBook form soon.

This application is a great fly fishing resource in so many ways and a good jumping off app to both Orvis News and Tom Rosenbauer's excellent podcasts.

Visit iTunes to download this $5.99 app which comes with a $10 Orvis gift certificate with purchase and registration.

Drew Chicone of Salty Fly Tying offers most of his books in both print and digital form.  His four pattern books cover bonefish, permit, materials, and most recently snook flies.  These books are a very well done fly tying resource and cover a long list of excellent patterns to use in the salt.

Check out the Salty Fly Tying website for more information.

This book from Departure Publishing has been around for a few years now but Miles Nolte's experiences guiding in Alaska make for an entertaining and raw look at the life of guides.

Visit the Departure Publishing for more information and see the other titles that they offer as a digital download.

Besides Fly Fisherman magazine being available for the iPad, the yearly Gear Guide issue is also available through the iTunes app.  

I hear that there is a decent article on fiberglass fly rods in the 2014 issue that might be worth a read as well. 

Along with these suggestions you'll find most of your favorite print fly fishing and sporting magazines are available in digital form and many of the online magazines, such as Southern Culture On The Fly, can be opened on your iPad and then saved for future reading in iBooks.

I likely forgot to mention a few other iPad essentials and will add them as I think of them.

What are your favorite apps, books, and movies that you carry along on your iPad?


Jay said...

I think it's great to have fly fishing magazines like FLy Fisherman and Fly Rod & Reel on iPad.
The paper version was too expensive for overseas readers because of the shipping cost. Now it's the same no matter where you live.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jay...good point. I added the Fly Fisherman Gear Guide. Duh...I have an article in there. HA...

FISH TALES said...

I have the noaa weather app and a tide app on my Ipad... even have the Doppler weather to see whats coming-

Shakeyfly said...

Streamflow, river data, rise(sunrise/set) app,