Sunday, December 29, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

The latest issue of Montana Fly Fishing Magazine is live and worth a few minutes of your morning.  There are quite a few articles and photo essays in this one to enjoy.



shotgunfly said...

Don't let me be the first to not appreciate the efforts so many have undertaken to bring great fly fishing photography to the masses, but as an art director I cringe at how the typography, layout and writing leave room for improvement.

This is not a jab at anyone in particular, but if you're gonna put out good work put out GOOD work. I think in the end it will pay dividends. As if fly anglers don't appreciate good design? I think time and time their selection of rods/reels etc proves other wise.

Sorry, but there is a reason that good design/layout/typography remain the foundations for readability and repeat readers.

Maybe these 'publishers' and 'designers' think people don't read anymore?

Three Forks Publishing said...
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