Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ijuin-Rod Yomogi 7' Three Weight

The day after Christmas a package arrived from rod maker Kazutomo Ijuin which contained a "Special Edition" Yomogi seven foot three weight inside the hard cardboard tube along with a green 7'3" four weight blank that I purchased for a future build project.

I took a few minutes and went out into the yard to cast this little beauty and everything that has been said by others about this fly rod blank are spot on.  This may be the epitome of what Japanese glass is thought to feel like with a full flexing and parabolic action that I can imagine is as fitting for yamame as it will be for a small brook trout stream with a box of dry flies.

Kazutomo's attention for detail is flawless and this will certainly be a favorite of my collection and will also be carried along to presentations and demos as well.

Check out the Ijuin-Rod website for more information.  Follow the latest shop news on the Facebook page too.


Swamp Yankee said...

It arrived the day after Christmas? thanks UPS

Kelly L said...

That is one beautiful rod right there! I LOVE IT!!!

Andrew Franosz said...

Officially jealous!! Tomo is finishing my "Special Edition" 3 WT. Enjoy it my friend. Can't hardly wait to have its twin in my hand.