Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quick Fix On My Local

Truth told I don't spend enough time on my local waters and it was good to take Jake Howard of Saluda Valley Guides for a quick half day trip on the Saluda River.  Water was up and a bit off color, which made it a little tough, but we still pricked a few.  We didn't however catch any of the leviathans that live in the river on our half day trip.

Over the past several years stable flows, improved water quality, and heightened oxygen levels have allowed a significant number of rainbow and brown trout to holdover and trout over twenty inches are now quite common throughout the tailrace.

This was my first time fishing with Jake Howard and he definitely has a strong knowledge of the Saluda River fishery.  I was also very impressed with his Star Inflatables raft made for a stable and smooth ride down the river.

In the coming months the stripers will enter the river and we'll get back out after them which I am really looking forward to.

Check out and follow Saluda Valley Guides on Facebook and if you find yourself in Columbia consider booking a day on the river. 


El Rakeman said...

Nice! Something to save some pennies for!

gfen said...

That last picture is banner worthy. It really catches the visual essence of a well made fiberglass rod's transparancy.

Cameron Mortenson said...

El Rakeman...now you want a raft too? Didn't you just get a Gheenoe?

gfen...thanks. The 50mm 1.8/f is such a great lens.