Monday, January 27, 2014

The Birth Of A Drift Boat - Part 5

The work continues on the Croff Craft Custom Drift Boat with this weekly dispatch from Phil Croff.  I really hope that these posts foster a greater understanding about what these boats take as far as the workmanship and time to create each unique drift boat.

Phil wrote...  "In this phase, the concentration has been placed on the bow of the boat.  The photos you see here are of the front dome and the nose block.  The front dome is constructed of western red clear vertical grain cedar.  To create the arch, the dome is constructed of several one inch wide by 3/16 inch thick pieces that are glued together to create a large panel.  After sanding and more sanding, this panel is glassed front and back and then installed to create the dome.  The dome in a Croff Craft is a signature design feature that not only is aesthetically pleasing, but also serves as a line catch and creates structural stability for the bow of the boat. The nose block in this boat is tiger wood."

Visit the Croff Craft website for more information on these beautiful and river worthy drift boats.


Lee Slikkers said...

Fabulous work on these boats...really give the amateur a sense of all it takes to pull something of this level off. Very neat piece to follow and learn from...thanks for sharing.

Middlemac said...

Can only second Lee's comment. Wow!!

Kev / middlemac