Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Vince Cummings "Amawalk" Reborn

This story has been in my inbox for a bit but no less a wonderful one to share of a very special Vince Cummings fly rod that was built for Chip Drozenski of Andes Drifters well over thirty years ago and how it was reborn recently by Steve Hoye of Klondike Rod Company.

Chip wrote...  "In 1970 I was introduced to Vince Cummings, a legendary rod maker that specialized in custom glass rods.  Our first face to face meeting was the ultimate experience that one encounters when talking to the rod maker who is designing your rod.

Vince said, let me see you cast as we walked outside the shop with a number of rods.  Once back inside we discussed the rivers that I fished and Vince had all the information that he seemed to need.  Custom designed glass rods were unheard of in the 70's.

Fast forward six weeks and I received the anticipated call from Vince that your rod is ready.  That Saturday I drove down to Thornwood to first see my rod!  Vince made a 6' 8" five weight and inscribed it the "The Amawalk" named after a tailwater in Westchester County, New York.  I was amazed that a glass rod could be so sweet.

I fished the rod very hard over a thirty five year period on the Battenkill, the Beaverkill, the West branch of the "D", Montana spring creeks, tricos on the Missouri and the list goes on.

Late in 2012 I decided to restore the rod for my grandson. My first and only choice was Steve Hoye of Klondike Rods.  Steve is a true master and the results speak for themselves. Minimal restoration to return the rod to its grand glory.  Another generation will carry on.

When the rod restoration was complete I shared the rod with my visitors from Argentina that were not even born in 1970.  As guides and outfitters at Andes they were blown away by this rod's power and delicacy.  WOW...GLASS!

Special past memories but more importantly future memories watching Colin and the Vince Cummings rod."

Chip...thank you for the very neat story and photographs.

Check out the Klondike Rod Company for more examples and information on Steve Hoye's work. 

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Nick-67 said...

Hey Chip, just read thru the Fiberglass Flyrodders Forum, and wanted to share that I think your Vince Cummings "The Amawalk" rod was his model # FL 368 as I've just posted one for sale on Ebay that looks exactly like it. Hope all is well, and such a great bunch of sharing on that string you started when looking to find out more about that rod. >