Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kancho's Kabuto Rods 7043 Build

You might remember Bulgarian fly rod builder Kancho Tzvetanov Borisov and his Kabuto Rods 7043 build from late last summer.  This follow up build on the same blank, but in the brown color, goes an entirely different direction as far as aesthetics and further shows his originality as a custom fly rod builder. 

When asked to share a few thoughts on this build Kancho simply wrote this response back...   

"I thought long how to make these blanks special.  It is not a special order...just what I like." 

Damn...it's what I like as well.  Flawless work in all regards and very much honors the specialness of these stellar blanks from Kabuto Rods.

1 comment:

Fabian said...

I like the extra wrappings. Gives it a look like a segmented bamboo stick that was just cut-off and dried. Would look good on a green blank as well, I guess. Would look like fresh bamboo then.