Monday, February 3, 2014

The Birth Of A Drift Boat - Part 6

The Croff Craft Custom Drift Boat series continues and this phase is especially interesting since a stack of boards are turned into something really beautiful with the creation of the flat gunnel decks. 

I really am amazed by workmanship like this since I have a hard enough time putting a bookcase together from IKEA.

Phil wrote...  "This phase of the build is all about the flat gunnel decks and as seen here again, we start with a pile of cedar.  Everything on these boats is custom built from bow to stern.  The gunnel decks end up being another very aesthetically pleasing feature.  However, a big reason for these being built into this boat is their structural purpose.  The decks are scribed into the sidewall, then fiberglass reinforced to create a strong bond between the sidewall, the gunnel rail, and flat gunnel deck. There are two pieces of CVG western red cedar incorporated in these decks to give it the striped effect, which is signature in a Croff Craft."  

Visit the Croff Craft website for more information on these beautiful and river worthy drift boats.

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