Monday, March 24, 2014

Realistic Fly Tyer - The Clone Series

(Fred Hannie of Realistic Fly Tyer continues to astound me with his talents and his recent "Clone Series" is certainly a test of his skills to match a natural bug's every feature with a tied fly.  I asked Fred if he's consider showing off a few flies from this new series and he sent along these images with a bit of narrative to go with each of them.)

The name "Clone Series" is really just an advertizing ploy to attract interest.  All the flies are tied with thread and care like most flies; and have never seen the inside of a genetics lab.  Each fly was tied and photographed alongside its living counterpart.  In order to achieve the level of detail sought, I needed to be able to measure and view the insect from every angle.  A two dimensional photo cannot compare to a three dimensional insect in terms of information.  Most of the flies in this series are subjects of happenstance.  I would come across an interesting insect and if I could capture him then he would become my next project.

Above is a size #10 inch worm or cabbage lubber.  The challenge with this fly was matching the coloration. The white stripes were a major concern.  I could not afford to omit or botch this contrasting feature.  My solution was white embroidery thread.

My live specimen of the Mud Dauber perished before I could complete the fly and had begun to dry and wither.  When using a dead insect for reference be careful not to add the changes that occur to the insect as it dries out such as the curled antennae and sharp angulations of appendages.

This Cucumber Beetle astounds me how much detail can be added to a size #18 dry fly.

The wing veining of this Drone Fly completed the look for this fly don’t you think?

Color matching this Grasshopper was difficult but worth the effort.

Only the hook gives this fly away of the Grass Shrimp.  This fly is hands down the most effective pattern I have ever tied.  I have yet to find a species of fish that wouldn’t eat a grass shrimp.

This Dragonfly Nymph is tied mostly of monofilament and is one tough little fly.

This female Golden Orb Weaver had lost all patience with me by the time I completed the fly.  To keep her still for the photo I gave her a” time out” in the freezer for a short time.

All the flies shown are completely tied on full hooks.  No pieces were glued, molded, or shaped from foam.

Check out the Realistic Fly Tyer website for more information and follow along on Facebook as well.

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Airborne Angler said...

"Time out in the freezer," haha I love it. Very nice work.