Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rod Catalog - Unstructured Glass Series

Vladan Milenkovic of Rod Catalog made an announcement last week of his new Unstructured Fiberglass Series and these one of a kind builds will be offered as an eight foot four weight but built cosmetically different with each fly rod completed.

This series has been a long time coming for Vlad as he's been working for several years to fine tune exactly what he was aiming for with these fly rods.

From the Rod Catalog website...  "For a long time I've been thinking about offering my own line of fine fiberglass fly rods. The main idea was to create a beautiful and functional fly fishing tool, which would also be based on my life experiences as a professional artist and a flyfisherman. It took a long time to find a suitable blank supplier who would listen, and also be willing to work with small batch custom orders. The final result are imported blanks made of unidirectional E-glass using helical technology. I currently offer only one model, an 8' 4wt in 4pc configuration. The blank color is translucent "white currant" yellow. Blanks have very fine tip calibrations, progressive actions and excellent dampening. Their four piece configuration makes them perfect for the traveling spring creek aficionado.

I went through several prototypes until I found what I was looking for. I named this series the "Unstructured Fiberglass." Each rod will be slightly different from another. The rods feature unique handcrafted micarta/cork reel seats, turned cork grips, blued or bronzed nickel silver hardware, matching Snake Brand snakes and matching strippers.  The tailored rod bags with subtle details and bronze rod tubes round out the package. The introductory price for rods is $499 and includes free shipping in the US. The first two rods from my new series were completed and have already been sold. You will be able to purchase my future rods directly from my blog."

Check out the Rod Catalog website for more information.

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