Monday, March 3, 2014

The Birth Of A Drift Boat - Part 10

For the past two and a half months Croff Craft Custom Drift Boats has sent weekly dispatches of a boat build and at this point there are over 300 hours of work in so far with another 150 yet to be done with prepping and final finish work, building the seats and dry boxes, spraying the trailer, and then building the custom oars as well.  The price tag of these drift boats starts to make better sense when you do the math on materials and the many hours of labor to build one of these.

Last week this drift boat was wrapped in a tarp and tucked away in the shop since Phil Croff has some other projects that need his attention in the coming weeks.  We'll pick up the completion of this build and delivery to the client in a couple months.  There's still much more work to do before this boat touches water.  

Phil wrote...  "Due to circumstances at Croff Craft, at this time we have to leave the project for awhile.  The only thing left to do is install the oar blocks and build the seats and dry storage boxes.  This spring, when this boat gets delivered to its new home, we will pick up where we left off and reveal the finished product.  We hope everyone has enjoyed this boat build.  We've enjoyed bringing it to you." 

I am looking forward to seeing the final build photos and I can imagine that whoever this custom drift boat is going to will be very happy with it too.

Visit the Croff Craft website for more information on these beautiful and river worthy drift boats.

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