Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two Auctions For Two Good Causes

There are two online auctions winding down this weekend that have been organized by good friends and I wanted to give everyone a heads up on them in case you're in a giving mood.

Jonathan Marquardt of BadAxe Design is helping his friend Jordan Workman of SpineHope Outreach  and offering up one of his prints for the cause.

Jonathan wrote...  "Hey BadAxeDesign friends, I am going to offer up one of my limited edition, original, Brown Trout reduction pieces in order to benefit a great mission. Before I worked at YETI coolers (dream job) I worked in medical device with Spine Surgeons. My friend Jordan Workman still does this and has a passion for helping kids with scoliosis in need. He recently came back from a mission trip in Costa Rica where they donated this life changing care. He is raising money to go back and help even more kids. 

Check out the SpineHope Outreach for more information or to make a separate donation there.

BadAxeDesign will donate the ENTIRE amount paid for this print to Jordan's Spinehopeoutreach Fundraiser. The print has a value of $245.00. Please post your bid amount in the comments and I will contact the winner.

Let's raise money to help these kids!"

At last check the print had bid to $300 and it would be good to see this go higher before tomorrow morning.

Email Jonathan or place a bid on the BadAxe Design Facebook page. 

Bjorn of Bonefish On The Fly recently organized a fly swap and had everyone tie up two extra patterns to be placed in a Cliff Outdors fly box for this auction to benefit the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Check out the Bonefish On The Fly website for more information.  Place a bid on the blog post or on the Bonefish On The Fly Facebook page.

As of this morning the fly box had bid to $150 but is certainly worth more.

Two worthy causes that could certainly use some last minute support.


Middlemac said...

Nice job Cameron building interest in these worthy efforts.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Kevin...thanks for the comment. Always good to mention worthy projects when I can.