Monday, April 7, 2014

A Few Hours Away

Saturday morning Joel Thompson of Montana Troutaholics and I were up early and swung by the hotel to pick up Shawn Combs and Shawn Brillon to give them a few hours away from the Orvis Guide Rendezvous fly fishing on a nearby river that Joel has access to.  We started the morning with a bit of rain which turned to small flakes of snow which changed to a driving snow and before we left it was sunny and clear.  I guess just typical Montana spring weather.

The Orvis boys knocked out a few solid browns each, swinging streamers which was good to see. 

Here's a mix of iPhone and 50mm snaps from the morning out.  Click on the images to view larger.

All and all a great morning out and a bit of a reprieve from the craziness of the Down The Hatch Fishing Festival event later that afternoon and into the night.

Thanks Joel for taking us all along for the morning.

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