Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Josh DeSmit - SMB

I just recently starting following the artwork of Josh DeSmit and his recent smalljaw piece, dubbed "SMB", captures the brute fierceness of this species.  I can't wait to tangle with some smallmouth bass soon.

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Josh wrote...  "SMB is a 30" x 40" mix of spray paint and acrylic on canvas.  This piece was a kind of a study/final piece at the same.  As an artist and fisherman I haven't given much time to smallmouth bass.  As a Midwesterner it seems a little foolish that I have not.   I caught a large smallie while late summer trouting last year and I got a little more curious.  The fish was strong and had a lot of beauty in its own bassy way.

I recently showed at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo here in Minnesota and everyone wanted to talk smallmouth.  After talking with enthusiastic guides and fisher folk I had the need to explore this fish a bit more."

Josh provided this image of the "SMB" artwork with enough resolution that it can be used as your desktop image if you'd like.

Check out the Josh DeSmit website for more examples of his work.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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