Friday, April 18, 2014

T.F.M. CupsCo Cups Have Arrived

Yesterday morning I picked up a large and very heavy box packed full of CupsCo Retro Fly and Comrade stainless steel cups and I am really impressed with how they came out.  The cups are sturdy and the artwork printed exceptionally sharp.   If you're looking for a new favorite pint sized drinking cup then this just may be it.

For all those that placed pre-orders, your cups will go in the mail early next week.  I did order quite a few extra and if anyone would still like to get one or a couple please let me know.

The price for the T.F.M. CupsCo Retro Fly or Comrade cups is $15 for one cup shipped with a couple T.F.M. decals and then $10 for each additional cup.  International shipping available for a few dollars more.

Please email to place an order.  I can take payment through PayPal, check, or credit card.

Thank you for the support. 

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