Monday, May 5, 2014

Fine Tackle - Inside The Process - Part 1

One of the aspects that I enjoy most about writing this website is the ability to chronicle the various fiberglass fly rod offerings, whether they be factory or the one-off builds that are done by small shop custom fly rod builders.  The workmanship is one very important component but it's the vision that some of these builders have in seeing the finished fly rod in their mind and working towards it step by step that makes what they are doing truly special.

Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle was recently asked to complete a custom build on a Swift Fly Fishing Epic 580 blank for a notable individual within the outdoor industry and was gracious to take photographs of the process step by step.  I'll be sharing this build with a series of posts over the next several weeks and it will be neat to see how Christian works through this build to completion.  With each post there will be a dozen or so photographs and Christian will keep it simple with just a few lines of narrative to explain what is going in each series of images. 

This build starts with the skeleton reel seat which is made of brass and turned in Christian's shop on his lathe.  This, along with every other step, requires exactness for perfection.

Click on an image to view in a larger format.

Christian wrote...  "I usually make my hardware from brass. It turns easily and blues nicely. On this build, I have decided to make a recessed uplocking seat with one plain sliding ring. Inner diameter of all my skeletons is 18mm, in accordance with the AFFTA standard reel foot."

Check out the Fine Tackle website and Facebook page for the latest shop news and most recent builds.  Christian always has something interesting going on to check out.

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DJ said...

Great stuff! Thanks Christian for sharing and Cameron for posting.