Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ross Reels - Heritage Series

There has been a lot going on with Ross Reels over the past several years in regards to ownership and many have wondered what the "new" Ross Reels as a company would look like.

The first step in the right direction for many long time fans was the decision to go back to the traditional double "R" Ross Reels logo.  Things are continuing to look up with the new Heritage Series, and the reintroduction of the Gunnison fly reel. This could be further proof that Ross Reels is taking a hard look at their past and to what made them a great reel company.

The "2014 Limited Edition" Gunnison fly reel will be offered in three sizes, Made in Colorado, and priced from $250 to $270.

There will only be 500 Gunnison 1, 1,000 Gunnison 2, and 500 Gunnison 3 fly reels made in this series and they will be available in June 2014 for purchase.  Orders for the Gunnison fly reels can be placed through your favorite Ross Reels dealer.

Check out the Heritage Series website for more information. 

Could the San Miquel be the next reintroduction? I hope so.

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