Sunday, June 15, 2014

BEAVER BASH 2014 - Day 3

The third day on Beaver Island started off gray and stayed gray all day.  John Arnold and I fished with Kevin Morlock and had a lot of shots, a few hard looks from cruising carp but none to committed to it.  It was a bit frustrating but the conditions made it tough to see fish for most of the day since gray days put a real milky white glare on the water.  As a group there was only one carp caught along with a few smallmouth that would sneak in and steal flies.

I've fished with Kevin a few times now and like his guide style quite a bit since he is a total carp technician with good eyes for spotting fish from the oars and platform and has a serious but reassuring tone while calling out the shots and working through how to present a better cast or angle on the next fish.

Where we've had tough on the water days, we've more than made up with it with time at the house in the evening, out for dinner, and maybe a drink or three each night pub crawling from place to place around the island.

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