Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BEAVER BASH 2014 - Day 4

Well, this first image tells the story of another gray day with enough wind that the boats stayed trailered.  We had hoped to get on the water for the afternoon but the wind stayed up making it impossible.  A few of the fellows walked in on a beach looking for carp with much success though Alex caught the largest smallmouth of his life which made the day.

I spent the morning on a slow drive around the island with Steve and Matt, seeing deer, turkeys, cranes, lighthouses, and long empty stretches of beaches.  The island has a lot to see and the drive makes for a fun couple hours checking things out.

After lunch, Kevin and Steve sat down at the vise and I took photos for two upcoming fly tutorials of some patterns that they have been hashing out this summer.

Weather days are part of the Beaver Island experience but there is always enough to do to keep everyone busy.

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Mike Sepelak said...

Sorry that the weather hasn't cooperated, but just hangin' around with that crew is probably entertainment enough. Thanks for the updates.