Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Look - The Cabela's CGR Is Back

File this under we (glass geeks everywhere) asked, and then asked again, for the Cabela's CGR fly rods to come back and come to find out they listening all along.

I just got word late last week that Cabela's will be re-releasing the CGR fiberglass fly rods, with minor cosmetic tweaks, and they decided to add a two weight to the series as well.  I couldn't be happier with the news as I have been a big fan of this series and much less so with the CGT fiberglass fly rods that Cabela's has been selling for the past couple of years.

Here's the specific info on the Cabela's CGR series...

- There are six fly rods in the series in the following lengths and line weights:
  • 6'2" 2 Weight
  • 5'9" 3 Weight
  • 6'6" 4 Weight
  • 7' 4/5 Weight
  • 7'6" 5/6 Weight
  • 7'6" 7/8 Weight
 - Tapers have remained the same to the last series
-  Dark olive blank with dark green wraps and silver accent wraps
-  Cork shapes and hardware remain the same to the previous CGR fly rods
-  Include a Cordura covered rod tube though sans the strap and buckle of the last go around
-  Priced at $129.99
-  Available in late September 2014

There isn't any information on the Cabela's website as of yet but as this series gets closer to being released in the fall you'll find them on the website and in stores.

In the meantime, check out a review of the Cabela's CGR series that I did a few years ago as a primer on the series for your reference.


Michael Agneta said...

Well done, nice to see them back. The CGR 4 weight makes a killer small stream and panfish rod. Love that thing.

Roger Bird said...

Thanks for the heads up. I am looking to purchase a new rod in the coming months, so I will be reading your blog regularly. That 4/5 weight is looking very good. I have had Cabela's rods in the past, and can attest to their high quality at a great price.

Jay said...

Is it me or are the length 'not so mainstream'?

Pond Stalker said...

Cameron, excited that you passed this on to us. I would love a Cabela's CGR. Did not purchase their CGT based on several things I heard. Missed out on the first go round on these rods. Not this time!

Albert said...

Wow, I'm so glad to hear the news. My toddler boy absolutely fell in love with my (now his) 5'9" CGR and won't give it up. After inspecting the CGT series at a Cabela's store, I just didn't like the kind of action they tried giving it. If I wanted something faster, I'll get graphite. That 2-wt looks really interesting, and I bet it wouldn't hurt to have a backup 3-wt ;-)