Monday, June 23, 2014

OMR First Aid Kits

I don't know about your first aid kit but if you have children then you can bet it's been taken apart and every single band-aid is long gone along with anything else that looks cool, like scissors, tweezers, and bandages which is likely wrapped around a stuffed animal's leg.

This video from Midcurrent has got me thinking that I need to give our first aid kits another look and it might not be a bad idea to have Neil Luehring of Outdoor Medical Resources fix them up.  Neil builds a variety of custom first aid kits which range in price from $20 to $120 depending on what is needed. On the water or in the car it's a good idea to have a properly stocked first aid kit for those just in case situations.

There isn't a Outdoor Medical Resources website just yet but Neil can be contacted by email at if you have any questions or would like to order a custom first aid kit.

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Juan Ramirez said...

Neil is a great guy! We just guided together on Saturday. It's nice knowing that if something goes wrong, Neil is there to take care of the situation. These 1st aid kits are great and well worth the money. Everything is there and its convenient. If you are a guide, you do need one of these kits.

Hopper Juan