Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rod Catalog - "Old Empire" E-Glass

Things are continuing to come together for Vlad Milenkovic of Rod Catalog with the recent introduction of the 7'6" three weight "Old Empire" four piece fly rod blank builds that have become part of his Unstructured Fiberglass Series and compliment the eight four four weight in the series already.

As mentioned before here and on the Rod Catalog website, Vlad's thought process with his proprietary blank builds is to do each one different and create something special and unique for each client's order.   

Vlad wrote...  "The Unstructured Fiberglass series continues with the new small batch of 7’6” three weight four piece blanks done in “Old Empire” red E-Glass.  The idea behind the series is to offer a small variety of custom tapers, blank colors and unique builds. The new red three weight blanks feature slim butt sections and slightly more semi-parabolic feel in comparison to the progressive 8’ four weight yellow Unstructured Glass tapers.  Some orders are already in the works, while some rods will be available for sale directly from

Please visit the Rod Catalog website for more information and send Vlad an email at if you have any questions or if you would like to place an order for one of these unique builds.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like my kind of rod. I don't see any prices listed. What are they going for?