Friday, July 4, 2014

Senyo's Independence Intruder

As the July 4th holiday approached, I sent Greg Senyo (fly tier, guide, fellow cop, and fly shop rat) a text message to see if he had anything good up his sleeve in red, white, and blue with a hook attached.  Greg answered back that he did and a couple of days later these photos of the Independence Intruder hit my inbox.  Genius.

Shank:  Flymen 55mm Articulated
Butt:  Hareline Rainbow Tinsel Chenille
Under Wing:  Blue Polar Chenille
Over Wing:  White Ostrich Barred with Red Copic Marker.  Red and Natural Lady Amherst and Pearl Lateral Flash
Collar:  White Silver Pheasant
Body:  Hareline Rainbow Tinsel Chenille
Under Wing 2:  Blue Polar Chenille
Over Wing 2:  White Ostrich barred with Red Copic Marker. Light blue and dark blue Lady Amherst and Pearl Lateral Flash
Collar:  Blue Silver Pheasant
Eyes:  Jungle Cock
Hook:  Blue #2 Gamakatsu


I hope everyone in the T.F.M. readership has a safe and enjoyable July 4th holiday with family and friends.

For more on Greg Senyo check out the Steelhead Alley Outfitters website which offers a host of guide trips, the S.A.O. Fly Tying Blog which features more of Greg's patterns, and Schultz Outfitters where he holds down the shop from time to time on days off.

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