Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Graywolf Rods - Epic 686 Demo

Back when I thought that the Epic 686 was possibly long lost and forever missing from the Fly Rod Loan Program, I contacted Carl McNeil at Swift Fly Fishing on getting another blank and then worked on Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods to see if he'd consider building it up.  The Epic 686 is easily one of the most popular fly rod on the demo list and now that I have two in the rotation hopefully the backlog can be remedied.

My suggestion to Shane was to go really basic on the build and to make it "bomb proof" since this was a fly rod that will be going from person to person and need to survive the shipping experience as well.  In my opinion, Shane went way to far in building up this demo fly rod but it's very much his style to put his spin on something to wow and impress.  Done and done.

Shane wrote...  "This is a very simple build with clear silk wraps and tipping and trim only at ferrules and cork check.  The grip is a modified full wells with a thumb imprint and I added a short fighting butt with down locking reel seat hardware.  I had difficulty deciding the hardware color so I landed on nickle and chrome then decided to blue just the knurled parts of the hardware."

This demo is off in the mail today from the Graywolf Shop to the next person on the waiting list for an Epic 686.  It may be months or even years until I get this one back in hand.

Want to know more about the Epic 686?  Check out this review that I posted last year on this badass six weight.

Check out the Graywolf Rods website for more information on Shane's unique offerings.  Visit the Blog and Facebook page for the latest shop news, builds, and new projects.


Anonymous said...

That's the thing about Shane. He just can't do average work. He's got the Midas touch!

Jay said...

Would this rod make a nice streamer rod for fishing trout?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Joe Friday...I agree. Shane has one speed and it's to impress.

Jay...yes. I have used my 686 for small to largish streamers and nymphing with an indicator with excellent results.

Jay said...

Good to hear that this blank is capable.

Problem with using graphite rods for streamer fishing is these rods generally have to much tip action. So casting a sinking line and/or a heavy streamer is that loading the rod for a cast the tip starts to work first.

As we all know the tip of a rod isn't the strongest part of the rod. With a slower (not slow but slower) rod the mid and butt section 'wakes up' as soon as the rod is loading, making casting a streamer a lot easier.

rick schlarb said...

yes, that is some really beautiful work on a "bulletproof rod" I like it. lots.