Thursday, August 14, 2014

ScaleFish Studio - Herd Of Pigs

I have a really good time following quite a few artists through social media and Nate Karnes of ScaleFish Studio is onto something with his Herd of Pigs series of "if they mated" fish and pig decal designs.

The Pig Carp design is just genius.

Nate wrote...  "These things are so fun and funny to me. The idea literally just came to me one morning as I was doing some thinking trying to wake up in the shower. I had always thought calling a big fish a pig was humorous, and the thought occurred, "What if a pig had spots like a trout?" I immediately knew I had to draw it that day...and that's when I drew up the original Pig Trout - what I called Salmo Piggy initially. From there, I began to think about what all kinds of fish might look like if they were crossed with a pig...and I still have a list of them waiting to be done."

ScaleFish Studio has offered a free shipping discount code (TFMFREESHIP) to the T.F.M. readership when you spend $20 or more in the ScaleFish Studio Esty store on these decals or any other offering.

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