Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Second Coming Of Hodgman

Yesterday I had the opportunity to stop in at the Pure Fishing headquarters in Columbia and meet with the team that has been working for the past couple years on reinventing the Hodgman brand with a new look, a host of new products, and they just might pull off something very impressive when their new waders become available online and in shops early next year.

The 2015 wader line up includes three series with the Aesis, H5, and H3 waders and with prices that start at $100 with the H3 Stocking Foot Wader and top out at $400 for the Aesis Sonic Zip Stocking Foot Wader.  The three Aesis wader  models are sonic welded, folded over, and taped to ensure durability.

The Aesis and H5 waders are five layer waders in the seat and legs and the H3 waders are three layers on the upper and lower of the waders.

The fabrics and sonic welding technique that Hodgman is using in their Aesis waders may become the new standard at a price substantially lower than several other companies offering sonic welded waders.

The fabric (in the photo above) of the Aesis Sonic Digi Stocking Foot Wader is an interesting move and looks much better in person than on the website.  I could see these being popular with duck hunters and those that are looking to break up their silhouette on technical water.

The Hodgman Wader INS Core will work with the Aesis and H5 waders and for those that fish in cold climates will find the Thinsulate wader liner toasty.  The INS Core snaps and zips into the compatible waders and takes just a couple of minutes to install. 

Check out the Hodgman website for more information and check out the new wader line up for 2015 which is on target to be available in early January.       

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