Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Week In #glassisnotdead

I guess it's not to hard to see what I am looking for each week as I put these #glassisnotdead hashtag posts together and that the preference weighs towards highlighting the experience of fly fishing with glass rods along with fine craftsmanship in rod building.  I'm drawn to these images much more than the hero shots and I think they tell the stories of why others fish glass perfectly. 

This weeks baker's dozen is a trip around the world through some very excellent images.  Enjoy.













Be sure to hashtag your photos with #glassisnotdead and a favorite photo may turn up in a future T.F.M. post.


Martin Kurtz said...

Never understood those things...sorry

Cameron Mortenson said... a search on the Google for #glassisnotdead. It works on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook sometimes too. It's just a way to organize photos online under the same theme.