Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Woronoco Custom Fly Rods - The Klassic Glass Series

Recently Woronoco Custom Fly Rods made an announcement regarding an addition of the Klassic Glass series to the website.    These are dubbed as E-Glass small stream fly rods and are offered at a price that won't break your bank.

From the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum...  "

My current search for truth and beauty in glass fly rod blanks has led me to offer these as a light line E-Glass small stream rod. There has been much talk about these blanks from Angler's Roost, and I find that I really like their action. So, in keeping with my philosophy of offering affordable blanks that perform well, I am offering this series for as long as the blanks are available.

These are moderate action rods with a very supple tip and a less pliant butt section. These rods are sweet - casting in a way that is a refreshing change from the soft-butted Asian glass blanks you see nowadays. These “Klassic Glass,” thin walled rods, feature a fairly quick response with little tip bounce. As with many Asian-made blanks of this ilk, there may be minor manufacturing imperfections, but these rods are a great buy for the price, and they cast the line they are rated for-where have you seen that lately?

I build a lot into these rods. I personally inspect and spine each blank, and plug the end of the spigots with foam and a layer of epoxy, and I make certain the spigot fit is correct, although the spigot gaps may vary. My build uses a hand-turned AAAA quality cork grip, and a highly functional up-locking reel seat. I use chromed stainless steel snake guides and a chromed wire stripper with wraps of brown silk with beige tipping. The wraps are coated with uv-resistant low-build epoxy for long life. I pack my “Klassic Glass” in a flannel rod bag within a black ABS shipping tube that works as an indestructible rod case you can just toss into your car. Other options are possible."

There are three models that are offered in the "Klassic Glass" series and they are priced at $175 which includes a flannel rod bag and ABS shipping tube.  All models are three pieces.

The Klassic Glass models offered include a 6'6" three weight, 7' three weight, and a 7'6" four weight.

Check out the Woronoco Custom Fly Rods website for more information or to place an order.


Unknown said...

How are these different than Angler's Roost pre-built (source of his blanks) selling the seemingly exact same rod for $100 less?


Cameron Mortenson said...

Unknown... I am not sure of the difference or where either are sourced.