Monday, September 1, 2014

Cutthroat Leaders - 3 Reasons To Shop

Truth told, the companies that lend some support to The Fiberglass Manifesto through an ad and sponsoring the many giveaways are really what keep the lights on around here and I am pleased to have added Cutthroat Leaders recently to the short list of advertisers that line the sidebars of the page.

I talked with Mike Morin of Cutthroat Leaders over the winter at several of the Fly Fishing Shows and he expressed a lot of interest in using his furled leaders with fiberglass rods, which they really do excel at, and also has a robust website filled with fly fishing gear items of all sorts to choose from.

Here's three quick reasons to do some online shopping on the Cutthroat Leaders website...

1.  They have leaders of all sorts ranging from furled leaders, specialty leaders, and even tenkara leaders.  I've been using several of the furled leaders on several of the fly reels that I use at demos and presentations and a tenkara furled leader is included with each of the Tenkara USA Iwana demos that I have as well.  

2.  Along with an array of leaders Cutthroat Leaders also carries products from Loon Outdoors, TroutHunter, Vedavoo, Bozeman Reel and others who have been long time supporters of this website in one way or another and the gear they make is rock solid.

3.  Cutthroat Leaders has provided a discount code of "TFM" for 10% off online purchases which is worth taking advantage of.

Check out the Cutthroat Leaders to check out the various offerings on their website and toss a few items in the cart while you're there.

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