Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ed Ward, A Glass Rod, And Micro Skagit

The fellows at Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics always seem to be working on refining and redesigning line systems for both the typical and atypical in two hander rods.  Their most recent project has been in final testing of their Pure Skagit Lines which will be offered for line weights as light as a three weight. 

Recently Ed Ward made a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a 6'4" four weight fiberglass fly rod which was matched with their soon to be released 175 grain Pure Skagit Head and a five foot floating tip.

From the OPST Facebook page...  "These are some shots from the trip efforts on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we didn't really know where we were going but we did just fine anyway thanks to an abundance of opportunity.  Our conclusion is that micro-Skagit has immense potential out there.

A quick summary is that these heads are shorter and lighter than any other heads out there, to our knowledge.  Light, because it is important to factor in the head of the tips you use when making a pure Skagit, water loaded cast.  At 10 feet of T-8 for example, that is 80 grains right there.  The result of this approach is rods that are optimized for Skagit casting.  This is why our grain recommendations are often 80-100 grains below what people think they should be casting.  They go down to 150 grains, meaning they are truly tailored to micro Skagit."

A short trout weight glass rod with a skagit head is interesting and really shows the crazy spectrum of useability that fiberglass can have as a rod material.  Micro Skagit, anyone?

Look for the Pure Skagit Heads to be released later this fall.

Check out the Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics website and Facebook page for more information.


Colt Johnson said...

Amazing photos. Smallies are the best!

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To me, nothing beats smallies on glass.