Friday, September 12, 2014

Fine Tackle - An Experimental Build

I may have mentioned it before, but Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle is a mad scientist when it comes to design and figuring out new ways of doing things.  His latest idea involves creating a grip with a two inch deep void at the front of the handle which allows a blank, in this case a Hilevel Green River 7'6" four weight, to "flex freely inside the grip".

Who wants a glass rod that flexes even more than it did before?  I'd surely stand in line for one.

Christian wrote...  "I have been working with this flexing grip for a while, and it came out just the way I wanted. Instead of a winding check, I made a 2" deep void at the front of the handle to allow the blank to flex freely inside the grip. It's quite labour intense to make the voided grip, and some of you might object that this can be achieved by making a ventilated grip. But there is a difference, since you don't touch the actual blank in the front of the grip. Anyway, it's an experiment and I like the performance and the looks of it."

Visit the Fine Tackle website for more images and information on this build.

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BrianJO said...

Nice looking work. My only question would be in the case of playing a large fish, could the blank ever bend enough to contact the metal edge and therefore be in danger of a break?

Swamp Yankee said...

I read this post the other day, and had the same speculations as BrianJO. First off... I am not an engineer, and no, I will probably never catch a fish large enough to test the rods failing point. But it is just a fear I would have. Maybe the rod can't bend that much at the butt anyways, maybe the top half of the grip is flexible also, maybe maybe maybe.
Maybe its the best idea I've ever seen on a rod. the next time I try to build a rod, I might give it a try.
Christian always has some of the Very best looking rod builds around and I wouldn't be surprised if this is pure genius.

Editor said...

This reminds me of Arctic Silver and their flex rods.