Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ijuin-Rod - Something New In The Works

Kazutomo Ijuin of Ijuin-Rod has been working on something new lately and he passed along a few photographs along with a bit of background on a five weight glass blank that he is working on that is wonderfully unique as Tomo is likely to offer a fiberglass grip and reel seat.  This should make for a very interesting fly rod to cast and fish.  A build like this may appeal more to the collector in search of the very different than someone that is thinking about putting a lot of hours of hard angling on a fly rod.  I would certainly like one for my own collection at some point.

Tomo wrote...  "The grip design?  We have two thinking about the grip.  Bendable or unable.  So I designed two type of grip with thinking about two opinions.  One type was named "The Glass" and this is my new model.  I tried to design leaving my characteristic grip "Japanese candle".  If you think the glass grip is slippery then to bind a cork tape around the glass grip is good idea.  Rattan is good too.  

The weight of this seven foot rod is 82g.  The weight is not so heavy than you imagine it.  You will feel this curious feeling, when you cast this rod.  The feeling from your hand is solid when you grip this rod but the feeling of weight is very comfortable.   You feel the rod's action is very smooth.  What's more you will be able to feel the line weight directly.  I wish you will have a chance to cast this rod someday."

For more information check out Ijuin-Rod website and Facebook page.


The Sasquatch said...

So what are your thoughts on the grip, Cameron? It looks AMAZING, but I'm just not sure about the practical nature of that grip. I love the rod on an artistic level, but on a fishable level, I don't know. I don't know about trying to hold onto wet fiberglass, and I hate the idea of messing it up w/ tape.

ThomHardy said...

Interesting! Are the reelseat fittings Aluminum? They don't quite look like NS, which would add weight anyway.