Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tailor Made By V. Huttley - The Adventure

Something we often see with rod builders and craftsmen is the making but it's seldom that we are taken along for the time on the water that follows.  It's not that they don't get out but typically time spent away from the shop is without a camera to clear the mind.  I get that. 

Vince Huttley of Tailor Made By V. Huttley made a recent trip over from Australia and while stateside did some high altitude angling with his custom built Ijuin-Rod fly rods matched with fly reels of his own design which he graciously allowed me to share within this post.  I am very glad that he brought his camera along for the trip. 

"The Craft" is followed by "The Adventure"... 

Vince wrote...  "Prior to this trip I had been spending countless late nights, weekends at work and in the "Man Cave" working on these rods and reels.  Once my lady Nadine and I stepped on that plane all those hours didn't matter.  We jetted to Muskoka, Canada first for a good friends wedding and just wound down for two weeks then we traveled to California where we spent two weeks trekking the east Sierra's and the Monterey Big Sur Coast. 

The chosen photos are of Cottonwood Lakes in Inyo National Forest.  This area appealed to us as we wanted to be free of the peak summer crowds of Yosemite and popular surrounding parks.  These lakes and streams have a very healthy population of wild golden trout and even in this years extreme drought they are still thriving.  I may have dragged Nadine unassumingly on a 12 mile round day hike from 10,000 too 12,000 ft up to these lakes and coming from tropical northern Australia those elevations beat us up pretty good.  It was worth every minute of it and I do hope to return one day soon but this time for a week long pack trip to some of the higher lakes and streams.

My partner and I just recently retuned from a trip chasing Golden trout in Inyo National Forest Cali.  It seems Inyo is overshadowed by Yosemite but that's okay with me as the crowds are minimal with good numbers of healthy wild trout in  the upper elevations. 

As a side note, Kazutomo Ijuin's three and four weight rods are ideal for this place, particularly the three weight Yomogi.  I can't say enough about Tomo's quality work and service."

Please visit the Tailor Made By V. Huttley Facebook and Instagram page for more information and images of his work.

Vince Huttley can be contacted by email if you have questions or would like to inquire about a fly rod or fly reel build.

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